Van Build for Your Fleet: Kale Juicer, Anyone?

This article was published on: 12/6/19 11:55 AM

Van builds are all the rage right now. If you’ve got a colorful van filled with twinkle lights and a juicer so you can Instagram your kale juice blend for breakfast, then you’ve got it made. Throw a cute dog in the van, park it on the side of a bluff in the desert and boom, life is complete.

For the rest of the plebeians, a van build can JUST mean some shelves and buckets in your company van. But for the contractors that spend all day with these vans as their offices, they know that a built-out van is much more than JUST some shelves and bins.

We partner with Ranger Designs and Weatherguard to upfit your fleet vans to work just as hard as you. A fleet van build can increase your employee’s productivity and bottom line, and even though bottom line is a weird term that nobody quite can define, that sounds good to us. There are three key elements to making your van more useful than those on Instagram:

Cargo Space Organization

This is where you get all Marie Kondo on the van and get in touch with what truly brings you joy – organization. They say folks are more productive when things are organized, but maybe some people just think it looks pretty. Quality storage bins, drawers, shelves, cannister holders, little bins for little tiny things… who else is excited thinking about it?? Lose less tools down weird crack abysses, get more jobs done in a day, and have higher customer satisfaction because the customer isn’t wondering what you’ve been doing out in your van for the last 20 mins. It isn’t that big…

Payload and Fuel Savings

We like trees. We like things to be green. Money is green. The less fuel you use, the greener your pockets are because money is made out of paper and if the world burns or floods we’ll lose the trees that make the paper which means you can’t fill your pockets with money. So now what? Custom upfitting your van can be much more weight conscious than just throwing some shelves in, and the better the weight, the better the trees.


Look, nobody wants to deal with OSHA if there’s an accident. So let’s avoid all of that nonsense and be smart. For example, how about a nice partition between the driver and the stuff in the back. Let’s also make heavy things easy to handle. Ladders easy to access. Lights so we don’t trip over the abyss crack we found earlier. Why not throw in a hardhat hanger and a place to leave your fire extinguisher? Maybe even a little drawer for hello kitty or minion Band-Aids. I’m glad that OSHA is a thing, but how about we all make a pact to never meet them?

What should you have learned from this article? I think you should have learned that if you own a company with vans people work out of, and you want that work to be more fun and more green (with money), that you should come in and talk to us about how we can work your van build so that you get more likes on Instagram.



Adapted from Ranger Designs July 18, 2019 article on how to do this thing.