From our Diesel-Loving Hearts to Yours, Thank You

This article was published on: 12/20/19 11:21 AM

This holiday season we extend a heartfelt appreciation for the customers that have supported us since 1987. As a Wichita, Kansas born and based company, our community has supported three generations of truck enthusiasts.

Here at TruckStuff, we have 12 employees whose hearts are warmed by you choosing us over online retailers. Because of you, the 12 families of kids and dogs and cats and even reptiles have been able to put food on the table. Because of you, children have been able to attend college, parents have been able to afford their mortgages, baby’s medical expenses have been covered, adult sudden, unexpected illnesses have been less of a financial burden. Because of you, our 12 families have been able to put money back into the Wichita community through small businesses we frequent, and services we need. Because of you, our loyal customers, thousands of lives have been lifted in our community.

As we close on another decade, we wanted to share some thoughts on business and life. We have seen the stellar highs and abysmal lows of life this year – who amongst us hasn’t. We have made new friendships and lost dear family. Most importantly, we’ve been gifted with seeing the dramatic impact of thoughtful consumerism.

Thank you for remembering us before you shop online. Thank you for remembering that we small, specialized retailers are the ones who are first to give that donation. Thank you for remembering that there’s a good chance we will have, meet, or beat other items and prices. And if not, thank you for checking with us – we understand fair market.

As we enter this next year, our inventory is brimming. Our knowledge of products is not too shabby. Our ability to find what you need is sometimes uncanny. Our drive to help you not waste your money is commendable. Our desire to see you again is heartfelt.

From Greg, Julie, Sydney, Valery, Kim, Scotty, Bryce, Joe, Dave, Brett, Kendall, and Brad, we thank you for your support this past year, Wichita.