How to Haul Your Christmas Loot

This article was published on: 01/17/20 10:00 AM

Alright, so we are a few weeks down from Christmas and I can’t be the only one that still hasn’t put all of my presents away … right? Why put them away when you could haul them outside to go play!

If you were on the nice list and Santa treated you right, you too might have some new toys that you need to get out and enjoy. We’ve solved that problem for you. Don’t put the new bike in the back of the garage, or worry about how the heck you’ll get that kayak on top of your 6” lifted truck, because we’ve got you covered with plenty of ways to haul all of those new goodies. Don’t see a suggestion you jive with, or the present you received? No problem. I swear we really do have almost all options, I just can’t possibly be expected to type them all out for you.  So instead, I gift to you a plethora of photos in hopes of displaying just how endless the possibilities are.


The options for carrying your bike are endless, and largely can depend on what other cargo options you want to account for. If you plan on carrying a kayak on your roof for the ultimate suffer-fest adventure, or want roof space for a rack, then a hitch-mounted bike rack is the way for you. Maybe you’ve got a truck and want the bike to sit on top of the bed when you’re bed is full of pool noodles. We can help with that.


Let’s get one thing out of the way first. When people joke that tandem kayaks drive couples to divorce, they aren’t kidding. Just get two separate kayaks, we can help you carry both. Don’t get fooled into thinking that it will bond you. It won’t.

Carry your kayaks on the top of the vehicle, or even mount bars over the bed of the truck to avoid those pesky ties over the windshield.

And don’t even fret about how the heck you’ll get those kayaks up there. We’ve got load sliders for that.

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SUP’s are finally becoming popular and not just for those super bendy ladies that can do yoga on top of them without tipping over! Though it’d be a funnier sport if they did. Check out these unique, SUP specific, carriers for hauling those hard-top SUPs.


Have an inflatable SUP that you don’t want to haul inflated? Try a cargo rack on the roof to throw that SUP bag inside.

Fishing Poles:

Who would’ve thought that we could come up with ways to carry fishing poles without them jammed in the cab at an angle over the heads of the screaming kids in the backseat?? Well, they did!


Skis & Snowboards:

We don’t have much need for these in Kansas anymore, but at least there is a state right next to us that you can haul them to. So if you’re so inclined, we are so inclined to help you.



Keep in mind, you can combine literally any of these options for your vehicle to make it work. I mean after all, nobody on Instagram has the same set up as the next, and if you do, that’s boring and you probably live in an all beige living room devoid of color.

Now get out there and start living.