Picking a Bed Cover for your Truck

This article was published on: 10/25/19 11:27 AM

Either you’ve owned a truck for a while and realized that having soggy cargo isn’t fun, or you’ve acquired a new vehicle and have the forethought to know that soggy cargo isn’t fun, and now here you are, reading about how to pick a bed cover for your truck.

There are a lot of options for bed covers in the truck accessories aftermarket. Depending on your needs, some will be better suited for you than others. And frankly, some look way cooler than others. In our showroom we’ve got display models for most of the covers we carry, and here we break down the benefits of each bed cover style.

One-Piece Hard Tops:

  • Painted to match your vehicle, or come in textured black
  • Made of fiberglass or plastic
  • Do not require a tailgate lock to secure – come with separate lock and key
  • Supportive enough for the whole family to stand on (picnic table, anyone?)
  • Removeable
  • Equipped with lights underneath to light up cargo
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty

The most popular brands we carry are: SnugTop, Undercover


  • Can leave locked into position in several open positions
  • Can add load bars to some models to accommodate bike racks, kayaks, etc.
  • Some operated with a remote
  • Come in matte black finishes
  • 3 year Warranty

The most popular brands we carry are: Pace Edwards, Retrax, Roll-N-Lock

Roll-up / Soft Rolling:

  • Easily roll out of the way – works well for the short people club
  • Budget friendly
  • One of the better sealing styles to keep out water
  • Secure behind rear window on top of the bed
  • Don’t limit bed space
  • 3-5 year Warranty

The most popular brands we carry are: Agricover (Access Cover), Truxedo

Tri-Fold Hard Tops:

  • Some brands removeable
  • Easy access to full bed
  • Can drive with some folded at back window
  • Variety of finishes – gloss, matte, textured
  • Some equipped with lights
  • 3-5 year Warranty

The most popular brands we carry are: Agricover, Undercover, BAK, Extang

Still can’t decide? Come put your hands on some of the options here in our showroom to get a feel for what it will be like to have one on your truck. If you ask nicely, our sales staff will even help you create a pros and cons list for every option you can imagine.