Protect Your New 2020 Vehicle

This article was published on: 11/8/19 12:01 PM

You’re standing in the new car lot, eyes wide as you stare at your brand new, very shiny vehicle, and all you can think is, “Sheesh, I want it to stay this nice forever!”.

Now unless you plan on leaving that vehicle in the garage, polishing it up every weekend and only taking it out when the weather is the perfect temperature for the tires to have optimum grip on the asphalt – we’re not judging, we may or may not do it too – your vehicle will inevitably get some wear and tear. We can help mitigate that.

As purveyors of vehicle protection, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to’s when we purchase a new vehicle.


Floor Mats & Cargo Liners: Prevent stains on your carpet, and prevent cargo sliding / shifting in the back. Cut to contour to your vehicle perfectly, floor mats and cargo liners come in many colors and textures to blend into your carpet and provide spill protection.  

Our most popular: Husky, Weathertech

Mud Flaps: Grab some rears or the full set to protect the siding of your vehicle and whatever you’re hauling from rock dings. Made to contour to the curves of your vehicle, or offered in a flat style, mud flaps can be customized from fit to design.

Our most popular: Husky, Weathertech, Gator Back, Plasticolor


Fender Flares: From narrow OEM style, to wider bolt-ons, fender flares are a great way to customize and protect all at once. Whether bolt-on or flush, all styles can be painted to match and come in multiple textures.

Our most popular: Bushwacker, Stampede, EGR, TrailFX, Lund

Bug Shields: Protect your hood and windshield from rock damage. Bug shields come in many styles for varying coverage levels. Select from screw-on to stick-on styles, bug shields come in almost every color and design you can imagine.

Our most popular: AVS, Lund, EGR, Stampede


Seat Covers:  Protect those seats from stains and wear from sliding over the edge. Seat covers can be purchased in easily slip-on and machine washable options, or custom fitted with your choice of fabric and stitching colors. If you can think of a color / fabric combination for a seat cover, we can order it for you.

Our most popular: Ruff Tuff, Cover Craft, Clazzio, Tiger Tough

Bed Liners: Anymore, quite a few trucks are coming with a spray-in bed liner from the factory, but if you need to prevent your cargo from slipping, we have drop-in bed liners in plastic, rubber bed mats, and bed rugs that will fit on top of your spray-in liner to prevent slippage. We also carry tailgate covers to protect your paint from sliding things in and out of the bed.

Our most popular: Rugged Liner, Bed Rug, TrailFX, Access

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