Your bum could be happier … with a seat cover.

This article was published on: 11/23/19 10:52 AM

Seat cover, seat cover, how do you choose? (Sing it in your head, sounds kind of fun). Seat covers come in endless options. If you aren’t sure what exactly you want, it can be a bit overwhelming. Do you choose the faux ostrich leather or the crocodile?? Quilted black or neon-yellow perforated leather? Yes, these are all real choices you must make.

Here at Truck Stuff, Inc., we partner with 4 different seat cover manufacturers to provide you with unlimited creativity, price points, and style needs. But the hardest question we get asked is, “What would you pick?”. So we are here to lay out some of the options to help you find the perfect material to cover your bum with (other than the pants we really hope you’re wearing while driving). Let’s start with the basics.

Covercraft Seat Cover: 

If you’re looking for an easy to remove option that is machine washable, these are for you. Covercraft’s cloth Seat Savers are great for a simple, classic looking seat cover. With solid neutral tones, camo, and Carhartt options, these are the bread and butter of seat cover options. They’ll keep your seat safe from your dirty bum, or keep that dirty seat away from your clean bum. We don’t know your life.

Seat Cover
Photo courtesy of Covercraft.

TigerTough: $$      COMING SOON!

Tigertough, so even if your’e a tiger just trying to bring home the raw meat for the cubs, you won’t rip this seat cover with your claws. Tigertough’s Ironweave technology makes these some durable cloth seat covers. With reinforced seat backs, these covers come in standard colors, offer custom embroidery, and are a great option for personal and fleet vehicles. Durable enough to stand up to oil and dirt covered bums, these seat covers are meant for heavy duty use. Just no heavy duty on them, Tiger.

Seat Cover
Photo courtesy of TigerTough.

Ruff Tuff: $$ – $$$

Ruff Tuff was named after the noise my dog Calli makes when I come home from work … just kidding! We’ve been friends and distributors with Ruff Tuff for a long time, which goes to show how much we like their products. Ruff Tuff has so many options that I can’t possibly describe them all, but I’ll do my best. *Cue the auctioneer’s voice*

I’ve got saddle blankets, suede, camo, soft-touch, tweed, velour, carbon fiber, DuraEZ-Care, faux leather, and exotics. I’ve got black ostrich, white ostrich, medium grey ostrich, ebony crocodile, java crocodile, flame crocodile, salsa, flint, mocha, stripped toast, solid toast, burgandy, Moonshine Harvest Moon, Muddy Girl, taupe, Mossy Oak, Realtree, gold, and caramel. So come on over and pick out the most amazing tweed jacket for your seat. Or, create the cargo pants of seat covers covered in pockets since your wife threw away all of your cargo shorts and this is how you want to get back at her. Whatever makes your bum happy.

seat covers

Clazzio: $$$

These are some classy a** seat covers. Do you want your seats to look like your vehicle is worth as much as Elon Musk before the Cybertruck incident? Because that’s what you’re getting for your money. These leather seat covers are FINNNEEE. Made custom to your specifications, down to the color of the stitching, these will make your bum happy to be attached to you. Clazzio seat covers fit your vehicle’s seats so well, they don’t look like seat covers at all. Seat covers in disguise on a stakeout to make sure your bum isn’t up to no good.

seat covers


Toasty ostritch faux leather aside, we offer installation for all of these seat cover options! Many of our employees have these covers on their own seats, so we put our money where our bums are. Stop by and see us if you want your toosh to be as happy as ours.